It’s something we all do.

Whether it’s finding out your train has been cancelled and working out a new way to get to where you need to go, looking at the leftovers in your fridge and finding a way to make a meal. It’s a critical life skill that helps us deal with the chaos that is life.

For some people, the idea of losing control is a daunting prospect. Do you have a fear of looking stupid or being embarrassed? Do you find it difficult to speak or present to large groups of people? Do you find yourself turning down invitations to things because you know you’d be uncomfortable if you went? If any of these sound like things that affect you, then learning improv can help.

In improv sessions, you have a safe and welcoming environment where you can learn new things in an environment where everyone helps each other. This results in you not only being a better improviser, you can transfer this learning to every area of your life, whether it’s personal relationships, professional work or school. Improvisation can also help leadership development, whether it’s leadership of yourself or others, it imparts crucial life skills that every person needs.

Improv is all about creating something out of nothing and using basic core concepts to make this work. It’s only successful when all of those involved do everything they can to help each other. Rather than focusing on yourself, you focus on making the other person shine with a “Yes, And…” attitude.

The benefits are so wide-ranging and universally positive, there’s something to be gained whether you just want to get a little more confidence and meet new people or become a better comedian or presenter. That’s why we do what we do at Chili Con Comedy. We know how this has changed our lives for the better and want to help others in the same way. We are a group from all sorts of different backgrounds from all over the world who have come together and made great friends through improv.

There’s nothing to lose with improv, so if it piques your curiosity then get yourself down to one of our improv sessions in Eindhoven to find out what it’s all about and meet some new people. It can only be a positive thing.

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