About Us

Chili Con Comedy are an English speaking improv comedy group from Eindhoven. Improvisational theater (improv for short) creates scenes that are made up on the spot by the actors meaning no two shows are the same. These seasoned players use their skills and experience to turn the chaos into the funniest, most entertaining theatre you can find. If you're a fan of Whose Line Is It Anyway? or de Lama's then this is the group for you!

Chili Con Comedy run shows, courses, jams, workshops and more to share the joy of improv with Eindhoven's community. Improv is an invaluable life skill, no matter who you are. It's a great way to learn to be more of a risk taker, overcome fear of failure and finding ways to bring the best out of others. It changes the way you think and enables you peace in the madness with a 'Yes, and... !' mentality. You learn stage presence, storytelling, creativity boosting and more.

Chili Con Comedy put on shows at the end of each month where you can see the players doing what they do best. Each time they try out new formats, rotate in new players, to keep things fresh and exciting. Tickets can be bought in advance online so get yours right now and we'll see you down the front!

Our Team

Meet the wonderful people in our group!

The Bold Guy

Likes to be cranky


The Fearless Wannabe

Goes through life with gusto


The Supremest Leader

Freaky funky floopy flip-flops!


The Vegetarian

Eats meat while home alone.


    The Free Bird

    Because her mind has wings


    The Butterfly Effect

    Sometimes here, sometimes there


    The Weird One

    Likes to sit in corners and peel bananas


    Open Improv Sessions
    Every Tuesday at 19:00 we teach improv at The Hub in Eindhoven. The sessions are open to anyone, no matter their experience. Check them out!
    Every month we put on a improv show. Don't miss our next performance!
    Improv Courses
    Our colleague, Laurens van der Linden, regularly runs improv courses with graduation shows at the end for the newly trained improvisers.


    Check out our photos!
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    Contact Us

    We are very active on Facebook. Check us out! Also don't hesitate to contact us.
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